Injury Rehabilitation

Goals of injury rehabilitation involve getting you as an athlete or individual back to your sport, work or hobby as soon and as safely as possible. The long-term health and safety of the patient must always be considered, and frank and honest advice will always be given. Energize Therapy's physical therapists are dedicated to assessment, treatment, management and prevention of athletic and work-based injuries.

Jack is a skilled, honest and dedicated professional with time working in elite professional sport and can help get you back on track.

Sports injury rehab is broadly divided into three phases.

    Phase 1 is the beginning of the healing process. Treatments will be aimed at pain reduction, promotion of tissue healing, swelling reduction, and “active” rest.

    Phase 2 is considered the mature healing process. This phase promotes strong healing of injured tissue. Specific exercise and possibly manual therapy techniques may be used to maximise the healing process.

    Phase 3 is the sports-specific or functional rehab stage. This phase involves targeted training of the injured body part or injured tissue in order to re-train the area to work with the rest of the body in an effective and co-ordinated manner, pain-free. This stage may also involve increasing endurance, stability, and strength..

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